once the illeagal health care bill pass, THE STATE OF MARYLAND HAD NO CHOSE BUT TO SET UP TOLL BOOTH,S TO OFF SET THE TAXES THAT MUST BE COLLECTED TO PAID FOR IT!  IF YOU WORK IN D.C. YOU MUST PAID, 5 DOLLARS TO ENTER OR LEAVE D.C. !  unless you live there! no exceptions.  ALL TOLL BOOTHS WILL BE LOCATED WITHIN 3 MILES OF WASHINGTON D.C.!  THE STATE OF MARYLAND ORDER I.R.S. TO ENFORCE THE STATE ORDER! AND THAT ALL WHOM WORK IN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO BE TAXED AS WELL,TO OFFSET THE COST TO THE CITIZENS OF MARYLAND!  SIGN VJW  3-20-2010  OR WE THE PEOPLE ARE MISSING THE BIG PICTURE!  THE GOVERNMENT KNOW THEY HAVE A SERCRET WORK FORCE!  IT IS THOSES WHOM RECEIVE TAXES PAYER.S DOLLAR.S IN ASSISTANCE!  WELFARE,SSI, FOOD STAMPES,GRANTS, ETC.  I SEE IN THE FUTURE THAT THEY MUST WORK FOR IT!  THERE WILL BE CITY, STATES,GOVERNMERNT DAY CARE CENTERS!   THIS WILL BALANCE ALL TOWN'S, CITIES,STATE'S AND FEDERAL BUDGET.  but, this is about our country! and allies!  to protect the replubic! no other nation .or whom ever! will stop us from bearing armes! for this is the way for the republic of the united states of america to forever be free! that is we are the world of killers. but this is the price that we as a nation will alway be known for!  but we will never be invased !  we also protect freedom worldwide to the end!  if one countries choose non- freedom that is on that nation to fight for there freedom!  after 2011 all whom are against freedom will be sent back to that nation,countries of thier believe!  and let that nation deal with you by its laws!  all nations of freeom will regroup! pull all troops to protect all nation,etc. to stay free!  too! many lives was losted by nations of freedom for all!  non- freedom nation beware!  all freedom troofs are gone!  all your figther will be sent back home non-stop!  but donot forget! all nation,races,etc. want to be free!  all the nations and races are on the same side of freedom but you will never know which government of freedom for there  people! will attack first!  for in the end the world governments will not allow you to hide unber a stone!  the world will do as you ask! get all foreign troofs out our countries if you want peace! we the countries,nations etc. will leave your lands and let you kill one another for your believe! but the world of other believe will sent all your believers back to all your believer home land!  that area you want the world will let you have! we as a world of other believe together can move a nation with different believes to any of our countries. for all nation believe in god in there own way! be those nations believe that all can still be free! and live together as one! to step up for each other in time of need!   if your believe that you own the middle east and no other reglion are not allow ! we the other side of the world will accept them! all the world ask to them is what nation, what countries! we together want to move you all and protect you from nations whom hated you!  we as a world will move the holy land to another place! and give them what they want for peace !  that land!  for all the nations,governments,people will move togther at all cost! for it is the forlk at the road!    the time is now! only the super powers can choose this new land! and for all it people!  for no nation as of this date 10/7/10 can attack this land or people! if one whom choose to do so will face attack from all world nations, and country of other believes! without no premission!  all will be deported back to they nation for murder up on other who donot believe in that persons believe!    or  is the real deal that THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES  CAN NOT EVEN GET THERE HOUSE IN ORDER!   WHY MUST THEY FOLLOW US IF WE CAN NOT PROTECT OUR OWN BORDERS! THIS IS THE DOWNFALL OF ANY GREAT NATION!  BUT OTHER NATION HAS BEEN THROUGH IT !  DID OUR PRESIDENT MAKE A DEAL! KILL OUR PEOPLE SO THAT THE WORLD CAN SAY WE BEEN THROUGH IT TO!   we the people will protect our self without our federal government at all cost!  AS OF NOW OUR BORDER AT CLOSED!  LET US READ AND HEAR FROM ALL IN D.C. WHOM REALLY HATE THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN!   CASE IS CLOSE FOREVER!    we the govenment think of a plan to rule the people1 and take their freedom it is planned on a  20 year time gap!  hoping all whom know thier plan will be killed, die of natural costes, to dumb, or like sheep with ear plugs! jumping off a cliff!  the sheep is only aware 5 second from a one mile jump!  it seem like the people in public office want to bring back slavery!  the caucasians know what they did to other people of  other races, skin color or different believes!  when they took the lands of the native american indians when they believed the words of one caucasian called columbus!  that they are A NATIVE OR INHABITANT OF THE SUBCONTINENT OF INDIA OR OF THE EAST INDIES !   was columbus really a invader bent on takiing the lands he or england never owned !  from whom ever live here anyway!  there was other slaves before us whom was used as live stock  in this country! the caucasian needed a new  source of free labor ! but now they are slave through the laws they pass ! it is call taxes ! our government sent people to washington d.c. to only speak for the people ! not find ways to get rich ! if you notice each session there is a new tax on something ! never lowering them ! to support their raises that we the people had no control, why is that? remember no one is above the law ! that is why there are 3 branches of our government ! to be a safe guard from theft at all government level !  it seem the more monies they get the slower the wheel turn to protect us for theft ! theses are some ways ! everytime we the people turn around taxes are going up on ! toll booths,gasoline,liqour, food,cost to drive a motor vech, gas,electric,properties ,income,cigarettes etc.i can go on and on !  the middle class is being destroy forever as i write theses words ! and we want all to know we quit ! taxes someone else ! for we have no more to give !  taxes must be lower by fifty-precent now! before it is too! late ! before the middle class worker stop buying everything ! and join the welfare row ! DO YOU KNOW THIS !  ALL THOSES WHOM WORK IN THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA REAL NAME IS TAXESPAPERS AT ANY GOVERNMENT LEVEL ?  BUT IF YOU NOTICE ! THOSES IN POLITICS CALL US BY A NICKNAME ! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ! FOR NO POLITICIANS AT ANY LEVEL IS ALLOW TO ADDRESS THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY BY THAT NAME !  BECAUSE OF THE WORD !  REPUBLIC ! MEANING !    A GOVERNMENT HAVING A CHIEF OF STATE WHO IS NOT A MONARCH AND WHO IS IN MODERN TIMES IS USU> A PRESIDENT  !A GOVERNMENT IN WHICH SUPREME POWERS RESIDES IN A BODY OF CITIZENS ENTITLED TO VOTE AS IS EXERCISED BY ELECTED OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES RESPONSIBLE TO THEM AND GOVERNING ACCORDING TO LAW !    DO YOU KNOW THAT 100% OF THE LEGAL REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CITIZENS ARE REPUBLICIANS AND DO NOT KNOW IT ?  FOR  DECADES THEY HAVE BEEN BRAIN WASHED !   A NATION OR OTHER POLITICAL UNIT HAVING SUCH A FORM OF GOVERNMENT !  OH IN CASE THOSES IN ALL GOVERNMENTS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE WORD  PEOPLE MEANS !  LET THEM RELATE THIS TO CONSITITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES !  OH ! MY BAD !  MANIES OF THEM DO NOT KNOW THE TRUE NAME OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY !  WHEN THE LAST TIME WE HEARD THEM SAY IT ! OR RESPECT NOT ONLY THEMSELVES OR THE PEOPLE !  SO I WILL START OVER AGAIN ! THE CONSITITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE AND ONLY THE PEOPLE ! ALL POLITICIANS AT ANY LEVEL MUST PASS LAWS TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY FROM ANY FOREIGN INVASION ! WHETHER, ILLEGAL ALIENS,TRADES,WARS,ETC. !  OH ! FOR THE DEMS AND REPS, ETC !  YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE AND ONLY THE PEOPLE ! ANYTHING ELSE IS TREASON !  STOP STEALING THE TAXESPAYER MONIES ! LET SOCIAL SECURITY, ETC ! IT BELONG TO THE PEOPLE ! IT IS OUR MONIES !  BY THE LAW OF THE LAND ! THOSES WHOM ROB THIS FUND AND GOT RICH MUST REPAID ALL TAXESPAYERS WHETHER DEAD OR ALIVE ! IF DEAD TO THEIR LIVING FAMILILES !  ALL PAY RAISES THEY PASSED FOR THEMSELVES WILL BE RETURN BACK IN TO THE SOCIAL SERCURITY FUNDS ETC !  WILL THE PEOPLE DEMAND  I.R.S. TO COLLECT AND RETURN ALL MONIES OR BE ARRESTED BY OUR ARMED FORCES !  AND CHARGED WITH GRAND THEFT OF PUBLIC FUNDS ! 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